Thursday, July 06, 2006

In The Beginning

I've been procrastinating for years about starting a blog. Two main reasons for this, I guess. For one, I didn't think I had anything interesting to write about. For another, I'm a pretty private person. Anyway, today I decided to "get off the pot."

So, here I was trying to figure out where I should start, what my first post should be. I was drawing blanks. Then, "boing"...all of a sudden, it came to me, wilting genius that I am, as a not-so-little voice said "Start at the beginning, you friggin' moron."

Notice that I wrote "boing" and not "boink." OK, I am a horn dog...but only some of the time...and, that may be a good topic for another post. But now, back on task.

Too shy/timid/scared (pick one, they're free) to ask where the beginning was, I figured I'd just better get my ass in gear and let 'er to speak. Then, magically, another voice came to me from somewhere in the back of my head. "Ooh, ooh, Mister Kotter, Mister Kotter...why don't you write about the name of your blog?" Good question, Horshack. (And who says television is bad for you?) So here goes.

I googled the phrase "badaboom badabing" once, and learned that it was used to describe a drum roll during the vaudeville days. Well, I've been saying "badaboom badabing" most of my life. I grew up in New York (yes, in an Italian neighborhood) and lots of people I knew would use the term to mean things like "piece a' cake," "done deal," "no problem," and so forth. Here's an example:

"So, Mikey, I'm standin' in that long friggin' line waitin' to get into the ballgame, and this guy comes up to me and offers to sell me a ticket for fifty bucks. So, I whip out two twenties and tell him that's all I got, he says ok,and, badaboom badabing, I go right in."

And there you have it.

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