Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Halloween was my birthday. My daughter cooked me an excellent meal of veal scallopini, and we had a decadent dessert of handmade chocolates and thirty-year-old port wine. Here is the cover of the birthday card she gave me.

Inside, the message was See, there are things more frightening than Halloween.

I wonder who she inherited her warped sense of humor from :-) Would you believe me if I told you that the dinner conversation included a discussion of whether the guy was wearing a thong...or nothong at all?

I know my friend Old Horsetail Snake is gonna' love this since he's such a fan of butt crack...only kidding of course.

That's all for now...I still have 700 more words to write in order to make my NaNoWriMo budget for the day.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sometimes It Pays To Procrastinate

My wife has been bugging the shit out of me urging me for weeks at least a year to have some trees cut down around the yard. Everytime a storm comes through she looks out the window, shakes her head, and mutters expletives that I'm glad I can't hear.

Each time this happens I counter with something like...the tree surgeon quoted at least $1,000 per tree...hell, I could have real surgery for that kind of money...I'm sure I can find someone to do it cheaper...blah, blah, blah. You get the picture.

So...while I was playing in the mountains out West, Hanna blew by the old homestead and left this little present to welcome me back.

My son was able to cut up the smaller pieces with our chain saw, but I had to call for help to tackle the big guys. I managed to find someone locally who cleaned it all up in an hour or two.

Now, there's still a few more trees that wifey is bitching concerned about, so I'm hoping Ike does the right thing if he passes by our way. :-)

Of course the lesson to be learned here misquote Benjamin Franklin (I think it was him)...Always put off till tomorrow what will cost you a shitload of bucks today!

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Where In The World is Badabing?

I can't believe it's been a month since my last post. I've definitely got to get some discipline here...another New Year's resolution down the tubes.

Anyway, can you guess where I am? Actually, that's not where I's where I was last week. Here's a hint.

Still can't guess? Here's another hint.

I selected that pic because my wife thought it looked like me...when I was much younger.

Give up yet? Go here to find out.

And yes, that would be Mrs. Badabing in the picture.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Let The Weekend Begin...

Here's a little somethin' to start the weekend off this BEFORE you have a drink :-)

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Couldn't Think of Anything Else to Post...

Checkout this video clip of a huge dead snake.

For anyone who has trouble getting this to play in your browser, try here.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pick Me a Winner...

You know how when someone yawns it becomes contagious? Well, I just discovered another little habit that is also contagious and I thought I'd share it with you.

A warning...some readers may find that the subject of this post a bit unappetizing...or even downright I shall start by using the proper medical term to describe this benign contagion that I guarantee everyone you know...including yourself...has at one point or another had first hand experience with...rhinotillexis. Yes, rhinotillexis.

In case you're wondering what the hell rhinotillexis is, I'll give you a hint: First, look at the title of this post. need a stronger hint? Look at the picture below.

Yep...that's right...good old-fashioned nose picking. Who'd have thought there was a medical definition of this. There's even a term to describe extreme nose picking...rhinotillexomania.

In case you're wondering how I came up with this all started last week on my way to Chicago.

I was on the rental car shuttle bus going from the airport to the car lot...just minding my own business like I always do. I took notice of this guy who was standing about five feet away from me.

He had his pinky finger stuck up his nose. It took him about 10 seconds of vigourous picking to realize that a pinky wasn't the right tool for the job, so he inserted his index finger.

No luck with the index finger, so after another five seconds he ended up using his thumb...obviously to get a better angle.

Finally, after another few seconds of twisting and picking...success!

In case you're wondering what he did with his new found treasure...he flicked it on the floor of the van.

Disgusting? Hey, I can think of several worse places he could have flicked it.

It gets even better.

He started on the other nostril. Now, I've got to give the guy credit...he was a fast learner. This time he didn't waste any time using his smaller digits. No, he went with the big gun right away. Of course, to get the right angle on the booger he used the opposite thumb this time.

All the way to the car lot, about a 10 minute ride, he picked and flicked and at the same time maintained a conversation with a colleague of his. Fortunately for me, the van was not full and I was able to slide out of flicking range.

As I was observing mister flicker, I looked around to see some other passengers on the van watching him too.

Guess what?

Several other passengers began picking. I kid you not. Hell, I almost started too, but I caught myself and realized what I was doing just as I pinched my nose between thumb and index finger.

So very careful and on guard the next time you pull up to a traffic light and notice the driver next to you rhinotillexing in the privacy of his or her own vehicle. Now...doesn't that sound much better when you use the medical term?

That's all for now...time for lunch :-)

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Have You Seen This Man?

No...that is not a sketch from America's Most is supposed to be me.'s a self-portrait. Hey, at least it looks human...but it doesn't look like me except for the shape of the hair and the forehead wrinkles...and, according to my wife, the piercing eyes.

I've always sucked at drawing so I decided to try and learn. I picked up this really cool book entitled Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards. She's an artist with a PhD in psychology and has studied why many people have so much difficulty with drawing. The book contains a set of exercises designed to let the brain's right hemisphere dominate and help one to learn how to draw. Before teaching the techniques she asks students to do a self-portrait and a sketch of their hand. These came out better than I ever imagined. The thumb actually looks like mine.

Hmm...I wonder if she'll teach us how to illustrate gray hair with a black pencil?

Anyway...please excuse me while I go round up some naked female models to practice on :-)

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How To Spend Your Tax Rebate Patriotically

The Federal Government is sending each of us a $600 rebate.

If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money will go to China.
If we spend it on gasoline it will go to the Arabs.
If we buy a computer, It will go to India.
If we purchase fruit and vegetables, it will go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala.
If we purchase a good car, it will go to Japan.
If we purchase useless crap,it will go to Taiwan and none of it will help the American economy.

The only way to keep that money here at home is to spend it on prostitutes and beer, since these are the only products still produced in the US. your patriotic often as possible.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

News Flash...Hillary Busted

Rumors have been circulating for years now. Some have dismissed them...some have believed them...and some have wondered if they're true.

For those who were on the fence, wonder no more.

Badabing, ever the intrepid photographer, snapped this photo of the unsuspecting senator with her fly open in a West Virginia men's room this weekend. And, as we all know, the camera does not lie. it's out.

I must say I am impressed she can do it hands-free...that's quite manly.

I do wonder though...does Bill know?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Okay, okay, so I'm two days late. I had a senior moment and forgot.

Anyway...a while ago, I did a post about the evidence that has come to light regarding global warming. Today, in honor of Earth Day, I shall post one of the primary reasons behind the global warming crisis…and it will surprise you I'm sure.

When most people think about global warming, they think of carbon dioxide as a key driver of the crisis. Scientists have recently discovered, however, that the new threat is really methane gas, which is 25 times more potent than carbon monoxide in contributing to the global warming effect.

And, believe it or not…cows are the culprets. Yes, cows. As in Mollie Mollie Moo Cow. More specifically, cow burps and cow farts. I shit you not.

In fact, in Australia alone, cow farts and cow belches account for 90 percent of methane emissions in the agricultural sector.

Let me start with cow burps. At first thought it's hard to imagine this being harmful...but, I have done the research and what I have found is not pretty.

Scientists have estimated that your average cow burps up 140 liters of methane gas daily…that's about 140 2-liter soda bottles worth. Unfortunately, burped methane is difficult to contain, with the result that about six million metric tons of it float blissfully up into the atmosphere each year. And that's just from cows in the United States. To make matters worse, the world cow population has doubled in size over the last 40 years, to more than 1 billion polluting bovines.

Unfortunately, the possibilities for mitigating the effects of cow burps are not good. See, it's really hard to capture burped up methane.

One group of scientists have proposed a sort of one-way pacifier device. Inserted in the cows tracheal tube, it would allow food to pass in but not allow anything to pass out. While early tests showed encouraging results, all involved agreed it would be quite expensive to fit the world's 1 billion cows with such a device.

The real kicker, though, came from PETA, which claimed that this action would be abusive to the bovine community and also result in suppressing the traditional moo sound made by cows…thereby depriving them of their ancestral right to burp.

Bovine Beano has also been proposed a possible solution, but an effective formula has thus far eluded scientists.

So, at least for the time being, it seems we will just have to live with cow burp pollutants.

Scientists are now in the process of measuring the quantity of methane gas in cow farts, and preliminary research indicates that the total quantity of methane gas contained in cow farts is essentially the same as the quantity in cow burps.

Now, when it comes to dealing with cow farts, the future is much less bleak...because I have designed a solution to the problem.

And...I've already talked to my patent attorney about it. So watch out Warren Buffet…my name's gonna' be right up there next to yours on the world's richest men list real soon.

Because I'm such a nice guy, I will share my idea with you. Very simply, it's for a fart lighting machine. Specifically, and this name was recommended by my patent attorney, we are calling it "A Methane-Sensitive Rectal-Mounted Bovine Incendiary Catalyst System." We are thinking about dropping the 'bovine' modifier so that the patent will be adaptable to any rectal-mounted fart igniting device, but the first application will be directed specifically to cows.

The idea is quite ingenious if I say so myself. We start with a sleeve-like device that slides over the cow's tail and protects it from flashburn. At one end of the device, near the anus, is a little gizmo that constantly senses for methane. When methane is expelled...badaboom badabing...the device simply lights the fart...eliminating the methane contaminant. An optional accessory would be an attachable fire-resistant shield that could be mounted on the rectal end of the sleeve and would help protect the cow's ass from flashburn caused by the ignition. My attorney believes that as long as cows are allowed to continue to fart and we protect them from burns, the PETA folks should be satisfied.

So, this is my good deed in honor of Earth Day. I'm just hoping we can push it through the Patent Office before it's too late.

Just remember that a burping cow is a polluting cow. And a farting cow is a polluting cow...but not for long.

While the cow situation is serious enough, when you factor in the impact of human farts (fortunately, there is no methane gas in human burps) on global warming the future is quite dismal. It is true that cows emit more methane gas per unit fart than humans do. But, scientists have calculated that because humans greatly outnumber cows, and fart at least four to six times more per day, the human contribution to methane gas volume in the atmosphere is approximately the same as that for our bovine friends.

Scary, huh?

Well, not to worry. I've got a plan.

I am calling on everyone out there to pitch in and do something to save the earth. What, you ask? What can I do to help? I've got two simple things everyone can do.

One thing is to use Beano on a regular basis. That would certainly help if you are prone to fart after consuming complex carbohydrates. If you combine this with investing in the company that manufactures Beano...before the government mandates the inclusion of Beano in the American could also retire with a nice nest egg.

Another simple thing you can do is to be a good citizen and light your farts. Yes...light your farts...on a regular basis. In light of the evidence presented it is your patriotic duty. You could also hold fart parties. Let's do our share to get rid of methane gas!

To get you started here are some helpful tips when it comes to lighting farts:

  • It is recommended that one wear thin pants material, preferably in a dark color so as to mask any discoloration from flash burns.

  • It is not recommended to engage in fart lighting when in the nude, particularly for those with hairy posteriors…the backdraft could cause a major fire.

  • It is recommended that one use long wooden matchsticks vs. shorter cardboard book matches for two reasons:

    • One, the match flame is bigger and will resist being blown out by the rush of expelled gas
    • It will mitigate flashburning of the fingertips and knuckles

  • Better yet, and in keeping with the "green" theme…how about using a refillable lighter.

Just be sure to practice safe fart lighting so that you won't end up like the guy in the cartoon.

Well, that's it for today. I've got to go eat some cabbage and beans and then do my part for the environment.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

I've Got Dance In My Pants...

...and not much else!

Okay, okay...I couldn't think of a better title than that. Plus, it's Monday morning and I've only had one espresso.

Anyway, the Badabings did a dance thingy weekend before last. This time we didn't dance together, but chose to dance with instructors. Here's a clip of me doing a fox trot with my teacher.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Finally...The End

I can't believe I didn't make a single posting in March…either here or on any other blogs. There's a reason. I look like the guy in the cartoon. Well, not really…it's more like I feel like he looks.

Anyway, the reason is I've been working at finishing my novel, and I decided to eliminate as many distractions as possible. I didn't even do any reading, which is a first for me.

So, I finished weekend before last…and got to type 'THE END'…on the first draft…94 scenes, 70,000 words...and many lessons-learned.

I started this project at least four years ago. It is the first attempt in my adult life to do something creative instead of technical or business-related. When I started, getting it published wasn't the real objective…I just wanted to see if I could write the damn thing. I'm still not sure if I'll try to get it published…we'll see how the re-writes turn out.

Oh yes, the re-writes…from what I've read that's where the real work starts. Hemingway used to say that "the first draft is excrement." I'm hoping mine isn't all that stinky.

Now, excuse me while I clean up my room :-)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Badaboom Badabing...Get Some Of Those Friggin' Earphone Things

I am sitting in the airport waiting to board my delayed flight.

I am coming down with a cold, the flu, the dreaded lamumba of those for sure...and I have to give a one hour speech front of a few hundred people.

I guess if my voice gives out I can always entertain them with hand shadows.

I am not in a good mood...and it just got worse.

Some jamoke is sitting across from me playing rap music on his laptop...loud rap music...shitty rap music...inappropriate rap music. Yep, he's playing it through his laptop's speakers. Everyone is rolling their eyes while he is dancing in his chair.

It's hard to hear the passenger announcements he's got it turned up so loud.

Hasn't he heard of earphones???

Oh shit, now his cell phone rings.

"Haya baby...wazzup?" he yells into the phone.
"Where you at?"
"I be here at da airport. Where you be baby?"

I won't bore you with the rest of the conversation.

So, how do I know what his 'baby' said? Because he's got the god damned cell phone speaker turned on...I friggin' kid you not.

Oh no, I don't believe he's turning the @#$(%#)@@) volume up on his laptop...

"Hey baby, let me turn dis up so's you can hear."

In all my travels I've never seen this happen before.

Thank God, they're calling my flight...I just hope to hell he's not on it!!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Hate It When...

I hate it when software is poorly designed. I also hate it when the people assigned to help you fix the problem resulting from the poor design have an attitude.

On Monday I left for my trip to Chicago, which is where I am right now. I got to the airport and checked the flight status board. Flights were running at least an hour behind schedule. When I checked-in at the kiosk I was offered the choice to change to an earlier flight, so I decided to do that.

Now, in the past, when I've been offered a choice to change to another flight, to upgrade, or to change my seat assignments, I've been asked to confirm everything before the change is actually made. This is an important feature to me, because if I'm currently booked in an aisle seat (which I prefer), for example, and I'm given the choice of an upgrade or a seat closer to the front of the plane which is a middle or window seat, I will be able to decline the change and keep my original reservation details intact.

Well...some dumbass programmer must have changed the program. (Now, I can say "dumbass programmer" because I once was a programmer...a smartass one, though.) Anyway, before I knew it I was switched to an earlier flight and assigned a middle seat in the rear section of the aircraft. I was going to decline the flight change because of the seat assignment. I had paid $60 more for my original flight so that I could have an aisle seat and more leg room. But...I was never given a chance to confirm...or to have my $60 refunded. The kiosk just spit out my new boarding pass.

I went to a ticket agent and began explaining my problem. The arrogant little dickhead wouldn't let me finish, claiming that what I had described was impossible. I calmly explained again what had happened...I explained three additional times...and he interrupted me three additional times...and gave me a your crazy or an imbecile, or both look. I was getting really pissed, but remained calm and polite. I asked him to look up my reservation. He made a face but did what I asked.

"You are on flight 623, seat 32E."

"Right. The program switched me to that flight and seat. My original reservation was on flight 625, seat 7C."

"That's impossible," he said, shaking his head. "I'd see a record if that were true."

He tapped on his keyboard...he tapped on about 100 keys...then hit some with his know that stuff that ticket agents do. (You'd think somebody would design the system so one could enter a date, a flight number and last name, or a confirmation number, hit enter and get a result...but I stray.) Anyway, while doing his little keyboard dance he was alternating between making faces at the video display and me.

He once again concludes that what I have described is impossible. Finally, he asks, in a challenging tone of voice, whether I have any paperwork on the original reservation.

"No, but..." The dickhead smirks and interrupts me, shaking his head.

At this point I want to punch his lights out, but I am always courteous to ticket agents and gate agents since they can make your day...or make your day hell.

"No," I repeat, this time my tone of voice just daring him to interrupt, "but I can boot up my laptop and show you the email confirmation for the original reservation."

So I do.

And yes, I am correct.

"Here ya' go," I said as I handed him the laptop.

He gives me another smirk, does a polka on his keyboard, and a few seconds later he hands me a boarding pass...for flight 625, seat 7C, my original confirmation number. He actually turned away from me while handing me the boarding pass, and refused to make eye contact.

Friggin' dickhead.

"Thank you," I said, "for making the impossible possible."

Friggin' double dickhead.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Two Italian Men Get On A Bus...

My sister sent me this and I couldn't resist posting it.

A bus stops and 2 Italian men get on. They sit down and engage in an animated conversation.

The lady sitting next to them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of them say the following:

"Emma come first.
Den I come.
Den two asses come together.
I come once-a-more.
Two asses, they come together again.
I come again and pee twice.
Then I come one lasta time."

"You foul-mouthed sex obsessed swine," retorted the lady indignantly. "In this country we don't speak aloud in public places about our sex lives."

"Hey, coola down lady," said the man. "Who talkin' abouta sex? I'm a justa
tellin' my frienda how to spell Mississippi."

Badaboom Badabing...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Former President Confirms Global Warming Data Is Real

Now, everyone knows about global warming, and most people believe that it is real...even if you didn't watch Al Gore's film (which he made a few years after he invented the Internet.)

For those few who don't believe it is real, I have provided indisputable evidence...just look at the picture on the right. In case you think I just made that up, you should know that I have confirmed the validity of my data with an authoritative source. I have contacted former President Bill Clinton and shared these findings with him. He has assured me that he can confirm my data without a doubt...based on his own hands-on research and experience.

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't think he'd say something he didn't mean...or worse, lie about it. Do you?

I mean, the State of Arkansas has even minted a quarter in his honor.

Anyway, he was very candid with me and confided that research into this phenomenon has been a lifelong passion that continues even today. In fact, he is anticipating even more corroborating data to be available as he travels the country to assist Hillary in her campaign efforts. To put it in his own words, "I'm looking forward to having access to a very rich source of data during the upcoming campaign travels that I can use to continue my own personal research, and I plan to get my hands on as much of it as I can."

He then went on to promise me he would share his findings with me. When I suggested he might want to document his research with photographic backup, he that infectious accent of his..."Hey, I like the way you think. Can you recommend a good camera?"

Wow, a former president asking for my advice. It was my patriotic duty to respond, so I recommended a small video camera (more exciting to watch than still pics) with a remote control device the size of a credit card (I figured discreetness would be an important feature to him.)

Needless to say, my conversation with Slick Willie left me pumped up and enthusiastic, so I decided to do some more research on the topic of global warming...particularly its causes. What I found was astounding.

But, this post is already too long, so you'll have to wait until next time...when I'll reveal the true cause of global warming.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

One Plus One is...Wait, I Need to Get My Calculator

Before I forget...I stumbled upon a new blog that I really like, called Suz Life & Times. I like it so much that I've added it to my favorites list. Suz has a great sense of go pay her a visit.

She and my friend Judy both had some very funny...and scary...recent posts about how dumb challenged some folks are when it comes to things like simple logic and arithmetic.

This morning I had an experience that reminded me of both their posts. I started posting a comment to Suz, but it got so lengthy I decided to post it here instead.

As I write this I'm sitting in Starbucks. I ordered my first coffee from a cashier in her 50's. It cost $3.56, so I gave her a $5 bill and 60 cents. Now, not to get off track here, but if you're thinking it absurd to pay that much for a cup of coffee you should know that decaf triple-tall semi-dry cappuccinos don't come cheap. Anyway, back to my story. It took her all of about 3 seconds to come up with (in her head) how much change I should get back.

Now, today being Friday, and me being the adventurous, risk-taking old fart soul that I am, I went all out and treated myself to a second coffee. This time the cashier was in her 20's. Same price, $3.56, so I gave her a $20 bill and 60 cents.

Has anyone ever seen the proverbial 'deer caught in the headlights' look?

Well, that would be her. All movement stopped. She didn't even blink for a good 30 seconds. My first inclination was to tell her how much change I should get back, but I decided to treat this as a little research project so I patiently waited to see how things would play out. Finally, there was movement. Her lips began to tremble. Then she looked at me. Then she looked at her cash register. Then she looked at me again. Just when that first whiff of burning wood hit me, she got that 'Oh, I know how to do this' look. She figured out how to have the cash register figure it out for her.

I couldn't when I took the change I looked at her and asked, accusingly, "Are you sure this is the correct change?"

Her response? Well, let's just say that I've already seen two deer and it's not even 10:30 in the morning yet.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Key West Pics

Well plunk your magic twanger froggie (who remembers where that came from?) readers are geographically astute.

You are all correct...the Badabings were in Key West for a few days. And for my friend Judy, here are some more pics.

US 1 begins and ends in Key West. This is a pic of the end marker, which is just across the street from the begin marker on Whitehead Street. Ernest Hemingway used to live on Whitehead Street, about 4-5 blocks from this marker. Now, while some may think that is a useless bit of trivia, knowing that got me a free drink in a Florida bar. Just goes to show you that memorizing stupid factoids can pay off sometimes.

The history lesson continues...Key West is also the southern-most point in the United States...just 90 miles from Cuba. In case you don't believe me I've got a picture to prove it.

So there!!

Actually, there were about 50 touristas lined up to have their picture taken at this marker, so I had to snap this one in the two-second interval between shifts. And, in case you're wondering, yes...the Badabings queued up and had their picture taken here too.

These are genuine official Key West chickens. You run into them pretty much anywhere except Duval Street.

The rumor is that Cuban immigrants brought their chickens with them and they proliferated...both the Cubans and the chickens. Now the chickens run wild in Key West while the Cubans run wild in Miami.

I shot this picture of an old theater, now a Walmart, from the rooftop of the La Concha Hotel on Duval Street just after sunset. At least some of the cool original architecture has been preserved.

Actually, when I shot this I mistook the theater for another place where they have nightly drag shows. And no, I did not attend the drag shows.

No photo tour of Key West would be complete without the de riguer sunset picture, so here's one that I took. Unfortunately, the sunsets were not that spectacular during our visit.

Watching the sun set is a ritual in Key West. I think the best place to watch is on the rooftop of the LaConcha Hotel on Duval Street, which is where I took this pic. Beats the hell out of the mayhem on Mallory Square.

So, there ya' go. And're not gettin' any pics of the clothing optional bar!!

Badaboom Badabing...

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Go South...Old Fart...Go South

The weather at home last week was a toe-numbing and d@#$-shriveling 15 degrees...that's in degrees the Badabing's decided to head south in search of some warmer weather over the weekend.

We had to go way far south in order to find fact, we had to go to the southern-most point in the United States before it was warm enough to change into shorts and flip flops.

I snapped that pic on the right when we got there.

So...can you guess where in the world Badabing is?

No? Okay...I'll give you a couple of hints:
  • Where is the southern-most point in the United States?
  • Where does US 1 start and end?
  • Where did Badabing just happen to stumble into a clothing-optional bar?
  • Where did Badabing see people wearing t-shirts with the following captions?

    • "My parents said I could be anything I wanted to I chose to be an asshole"
    • "For my next trick I'll need a condom and a volunteer"
    • "I won the 'dicky' belly is bigger than my dicky"
    • "I'm just two women short of a threesome"
    • "Growing old disgracefully"
    • On the back of a Harley Davidson t-shirt..."If you can read this the bitch fell off"

Still can't guess? Then tune in tomorrow for the answer...and more pics...but not of the clothing-optional bar...I'm saving those for myself...hehehe.

Badaboom Badabing...