Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm in a Biblical Mood...

For some reason I'm in a biblical state of mind this morning. This one is for anyone who might enjoy a biblical brain teaser of sorts.

What is the difference between the following?

The Old Testament
The Torah
The Five Books of Moses

Answers posted shortly.

Badabing Badaboom...


Anonymous said...

The length of each term?

Har har...

Seriously, I don't know other than the Torah is in Hebrew, but the others have been translated into many more languages.

If you want to link to me, feel free... (in response to your comment on my blog from yesterday)

Duke_of_Earle said...

The first five books in the Old Testament are the 5 books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). Those same 5 books are also known as the Torah, or the Hebrew law.

So I'd say the only difference is that the Old Testament ALSO contains many more books, which I won't list here, but prominent among them are Psalms, Proverbs, the major and minor prohpets, and more.


kenju said...

I think there is no difference there, right?

Badabing said...

Congrats Duke,

You are now my official "go to" guy on all matters religious :-)

The simple answer that I was looking for is that the Torah is the general name given to the first five books (Five Books of Moses) of the Hebrew Bible, which Christians refer to as the Old Testament, though the word Torah can also refer to the entire breadth of Jewish law (which includes additional texts as well as non-written traditions.)

Now, go to the head of the class...or, better yet, take the day off :-)

P.S. Just so you all know, that little factoid is not something that was just floating around in the vast store of knowledge that dwells in my gray matter...I just happened to come across it in a book I was reading. ;-)