Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Been A Traveling Man...

"I'm a traveling man…made a lot of stops…all over the world…but in every port I've owned the heart of at least one lovely girl…"

I don't know why, but the words to that old Ricky Nelson song just popped into my mind this morning…I guess because I've been traveling every friggin' week for the last two months...and haven't had any time to tend to the blog or to visit my usual ones.

As I write this post some more Ozzie & Harriet memories are bubbling up from my subconscious:

"Hi dad."
"Hi dad."
"Hi Dave. Hi Rick."
"Hi Mr. Nelson."
"Oh, hi Wally."
"Hi boys."
"Hi mom."
"Hi Dave. Hi Rick. Gee, you boys are home early."
"Hi Mrs. Nelson."
"Hi Wally."
"Gee mom, I sure am hungry."
"Well, why don't you boys have a seat while I go get some milk and cookies."
"Gee, thanks Mrs. Nelson, that would be swell."
"Oh, you're welcome Wally."

"Uh, gee Rick, you look like you've got something on your mind."
"Oh, it's nothing dad...I guess"
"Go ahead Rick, just tell Dad."
"Uh, uh…what is it Rick?"
"Well, gee, dad…it's Ginger."
"Ginger? Gee I hope she's okay, Rick. She's a swell girl."
"You can say that again, Mr. Nelson."
"Be quiet Wally."
"Yeah, be quiet Wally."
"Sorry Dave. Sorry Rick."
"Gee dad…uh, you see…uh, Ginger is pregnant."
"Well, uh that's all … Harriet, Harriet … can you come in here for a sec…"

Okay, okay…so I made some of that up...but it might bring back some memories to those who are of my generation.

Badaboom Badabing....

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kenju said...

Welcome back! I loved that show when I was young, and you pretty much nailed it! Happy Thanksgiving!