Sunday, July 30, 2006

All Alone Am I

All alone am I...the wife is out on a shop-till-she-drops mission and I'm home alone. So, what's an old fart to do when home alone on a Sunday afternoon?

Guess I could do what the 60's song said and go 'groovin on a Sunday afternoon'...but it's 100 degrees according to the thermometer on my deck, so I'll take a pass on that.

Guess I could read a book...but I read several a week, so I'll take a pass on that too.

Guess I could watch tv...been there, done that already today. Between watching Giada's cleavage on the Food Channel...I have no recollection of what she cooked...and the skimpy costumes in the ballroom dancing competition on PBS...the horns are calling.

Got it!! How about I go to Starbucks and leer at the soccer moms...after I update my blog, of course.

Excuse me while I fanatasize...


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