Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Same Bar, Same Seat...

It's my second night on the road. I'm in the same bar as in my last post. I'd already eaten dinner elsewhere, but Duke and Maryland were playing so I figured I'd have a few pops, watch the game, work on a scene for my novel, maybe engage in a little conversation.

I'm sitting in the same seat as the night before. Different bartender, different crowd. Oh yeah, and I've officially dubbed this my "lucky seat."

A couple is seated to my left, at the end of the bar. Very attractive brunette, 30-something. Who cares what the guy looked like.

Like I said, she was very attractive. Very slim, naturally tan, long dark hair, sexy brown eyes, brilliant white teeth, beautiful smile. Her lips weren't as full as I'd have liked them to be, but...okay, okay, I'm a picky old fart.

I was writing in my journal, working on the next scene in my novel. I couldn't help it, but I kept sneaking peeks at her...especially when she gave him occasional kisses. Very soft kisses. Very wet kisses. Very sexy kisses. I could almost feel them...the kisses I mean.

Now the classic way to describe my reaction to this is something like "I felt a stirring in my loins." And, while I can be a very classy classic guy, the more modern interpretation is "I'm gettin' oak."

Anyway, I guess she must have noticed me stealing glances at her. She leaned towards me and asked, "You're not writing down our conversation, are you?"

"Only the parts about sex."

She cracked up. "I'll make sure we talk more slowly, then," she laughed.

"No need. I can read lips and have a bear trap memory."

"I'm gonna' go sit closer to him," she said to her paramour.

"No you're not," he snapped.

I went back to my writing, still sneaking the occasional glance, as they continued their billing and cooing. (Oh, and for any of you young 'uns reading this, 'cooing' is not a dirty word...'billing,' however, is questionable.)

Now, I had a feeling they were my kind of people, because they were well into their second bottle of wine and dinner hadn't even been served yet. The billing got bill-ier (that's probably not a word) and the cooing got coo-ier (ditto), and watching them became quite arousing for this old horndog. I even caught a few flashes of tongue.

I really needed to use the men's room...but it would have been embarrasing...if you catch my drift. You don't? Let me give a subtle hint. Go back to the paragraph where I mention I'm a classy classic kind of guy and search for the keyword "oak."

They're dinner finally came. Just before it was served I was tempted to say,"Wow, you two have some appetite." Reason prevailed. I held my tongue.

Portions were huge and they offered to share it with me. I graciously declined. They dined. They cooed. I eavesdropped. They left. And, yes, they did bid me good night.

Maryland beat Duke. Life was good.

There's more, but that's another post.

Badabooom Badabing...


kenju said...

Good story! Too bad he wouldn't let her move closer....LOL

Duke_of_Earle said...

Kenju is right. She might have taken care of your embarrassment.

Wait! There's more? I await with bated breath. (No, that's not "baited" as many write it. I haven't been eating sushi.)