Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Key West Pics

Well plunk your magic twanger froggie (who remembers where that came from?)...my readers are geographically astute.

You are all correct...the Badabings were in Key West for a few days. And for my friend Judy, here are some more pics.

US 1 begins and ends in Key West. This is a pic of the end marker, which is just across the street from the begin marker on Whitehead Street. Ernest Hemingway used to live on Whitehead Street, about 4-5 blocks from this marker. Now, while some may think that is a useless bit of trivia, knowing that got me a free drink in a Florida bar. Just goes to show you that memorizing stupid factoids can pay off sometimes.

The history lesson continues...Key West is also the southern-most point in the United States...just 90 miles from Cuba. In case you don't believe me I've got a picture to prove it.

So there!!

Actually, there were about 50 touristas lined up to have their picture taken at this marker, so I had to snap this one in the two-second interval between shifts. And, in case you're wondering, yes...the Badabings queued up and had their picture taken here too.

These are genuine official Key West chickens. You run into them pretty much anywhere except Duval Street.

The rumor is that Cuban immigrants brought their chickens with them and they proliferated...both the Cubans and the chickens. Now the chickens run wild in Key West while the Cubans run wild in Miami.

I shot this picture of an old theater, now a Walmart, from the rooftop of the La Concha Hotel on Duval Street just after sunset. At least some of the cool original architecture has been preserved.

Actually, when I shot this I mistook the theater for another place where they have nightly drag shows. And no, I did not attend the drag shows.

No photo tour of Key West would be complete without the de riguer sunset picture, so here's one that I took. Unfortunately, the sunsets were not that spectacular during our visit.

Watching the sun set is a ritual in Key West. I think the best place to watch is on the rooftop of the LaConcha Hotel on Duval Street, which is where I took this pic. Beats the hell out of the mayhem on Mallory Square.

So, there ya' go. And no...you're not gettin' any pics of the clothing optional bar!!

Badaboom Badabing...

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kenju said...

Well, darn it, Badabing - how can I plunk MY magic twanger without some clothing optional photos??? I have always wanted to go to Key West!

I do remember that - I used to listen to it on radio all the time!

Thanks for the link!